New Music From Rob Drabkin, Dabvillain, Option4, Status, It's Always Sunny In Tijuana, Ekelhaft, Jux County And More

Dave Herrera | Aug. 30, 2016 | 1:00 p.m.

Happy Tunesday. Here's a fresh batch of new music this week for you to feast on. This week's round-up features songs from a wide array of artists, including singer-songwriter Rob Drabkin, hip-hop producer Kid Hum (aka Dabvillain), house maestroOption4, new metal from It's Always Sunny In Tijuana and Ekelhaft, plus fresh cuts from established Denver artists like Status, Planes Mistaken for Stars and Jux County, along with new tunes from New Leverage and Filthy Hearts. Dig in below.

Over the years, Rob Drabkin has maintained an unwavering focus on his songwriting. On "Someday," his latest tune, he sounds highly seasoned, singing with sincerity and conviction. When a good friend of ours shared the link recently, he sent it along with a simple message: "Best he's ever done." We tend to agree.     

We were beyond stoked to see this gem appear on SoundCloud. Kid Hum has been a staple of the Denver hip-hop scene for years, working with a slew of artists. On his latest mix, Dabvillain 7, he adds his flavor to more than two dozen tracks by acts like Drake, Schoolboy Q, Anderson .Paak and more.

Leave it to Option4 to come at the game from a completely different angle. Since first hitting the scene, the producer (aka Brennen Bryarly) has continually carved out his own lane. Here, he delivers "Rise of the Catlord," a tech house track, that's comes accompanied with an elaborate storyline with graphic novel style illustrations from Ashley Jones that Bryarly has shared in its entirety on Tumblr. The next addition to the series is due out in three weeks.

Good metal gets your blood pumping, and Colorado has always produced a lot of high caliber music. The latest comes to us from It's Always Sunny In Tijuana, which just celebrated the release of Demonia, its new album, this past weekend. The whole album is heavy as hell, but "Foremost" is probably our favorite tune so far.

We stumbled across this gem from Ekelhaft on Bandcamp recently. "As Those In Sulphur," is one of two demos the band has shared from its forthcoming full-length. Originally released on CDR, the two tracks we've heard so far hold plenty of promise of what's to come from this Denver metal band.

"Drinking with the Raven" is the latest offering from the always engaging rapper known as Status from the Cadava Crew. Sounding as rugged as ever, Status is in fine form here, rhyming hard over a distorted guitar line, a pounding industrial style beat, punctuated with toybox pings. Super solid. 

Oh, man, can't even begin to tell you how geeked we were when we caught wind that Planes Mistaken for Stars, one of our all time favorite Denver bands, was back to making music. "Fucking Tenderness" is the first single from Prey, the band's forthcoming album, which is due out on Deathwish Inc on October 16. Fans of classic Planes will not be disappointed.

It's been quite a while since Jux County blessed us with new music. While the whole album is terrific, "Puppet Meat," which opens the album (which originally wasn't slated for release until the later next month, but has thankfully found its way online), is our favorite song from the record. It embodies all of the elements of the band's sound that we've come to love. (Bonus: 1989's Word of Bovek has also been made available online.)

While not necessarily emblematic of the overall sound of New Leverage, which tends to be notably edgier, this song, "Tiny Separations," stood out immediately. Lyrically, this song has the kind of honesty and immediacy that make bands like the Wonder Years so resonant, even if it doesn't share the same sort of captivating dynamics.

Finally, this last tune by Filthy Hearts, "Halfway to Dismay," is one of two tracks the band has shared from its forthcoming full-length I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Nothing fancy here. Just straight forward punk, galloping chords and a good melody.