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Lost Walks Is a New Denver Band Worth Keeping An Eye On

Lost Walks, a new band featuring members of Andy Thomas' Dust Heart, Tin Horn Prayer, Bad Luck City, Tarantella, Strange Americans, FaceMan and Slim Cessna's Auto Club, is set to make its debut at Syntax Physic Opera, a date that will also serve as the act's record release party.

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Parting thoughts: Angie Stevens reflects on nearly two decades of making music

After nearly two decades of making and playing music in Denver, Angie Stevens has decided to step away from performing indefinitely. Giving her the send off she deserves, the Trusted Ear sat down for a chat in advance of her farewell performance. 

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FaceMan planning to host a two-day music festival this November

So this should be all kinds of rad. The illustrious members of the inimitable Denver band FaceMan are in the process of putting together their own two-day music festival featuring 75 to 100 acts later this year just before the holidays. The working title: FaceMan's 100 Year Storm.

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Jonny Barber talking about running for mayor of Denver

In case you missed it, the King of Colfax, Jonny Barber (aka The Velvet Elvis) has been talking about entering the race to become the mayor of Denver in 2019. He began floating the prospect earlier this week on Facebook, and if he's actually serious, you can bet that he'll have a community of people supporting his push.

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News and notes from The UMS festival in Denver

Altas sets off the fire alarm at Illegal Pete's and kept playing, Codename: Carter impressed, Ghost Gone Quiet, a new band featuring former members of Fell and Emerald Siam debuted, and news about other new music and projects. Read on to find out more.

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