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SoCo Nightlife District hires Brennen Bryarly as new talent buyer

By Dave Herrera | Aug. 15, 2016 | 5:45 a.m.

SoCo Nightlife District has hired Brennen Bryarly as its new talent buyer.

Hard to say who's due more hearty congratulations—Bryarly for getting the gig, or the folks at SoCo for having the foresight to bring the Hundred Presents founder (aka Option4) on as part of its crew. Either way, it's a perfect pairing.

After getting his start deejaying in Colorado Springs, Bryarly has steadily built up a solid reputation, going from being a resident at Lipgloss to building his own empire with the Hundreds. Having promoted countless shows at SoCo's venues as well as other clubs in Denver in addition to curating Cloak & Dagger, his own festival, Bryarly has become a respected tastemaker, in addition to managing a successful music career of his own.

Bryarly will now be booking acts full time at all six of SoCo's properties, including Vinyl, the Church, Bar Standard, City Hall, Milk Bar, and the Living Room.

[Insert appropriate "100" emoji here.]