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Lost Walks Is a New Denver Band Worth Keeping An Eye On

Lost Walks, a new band featuring members of Andy Thomas' Dust Heart, Tin Horn Prayer, Bad Luck City, Tarantella, Strange Americans, FaceMan and Slim Cessna's Auto Club, is set to make its debut at Syntax Physic Opera, a date that will also serve as the act's record release party.

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Trev Rich Joins Cash Money Records Roster

After weeks of speculation, it has now been officially confirmed that Trev Rich has joined the Cash Money Records Roster. Both Rich and Bryan "Birdman" Williams, the label's co-founder, appeared on KS-107.5 last night and talked about the news.

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The Jekylls are splitting up, set to play their final show in November

This morning, the Jekylls announced plans to part ways and pursue their other musical projects. After a successful and very well received five-year run, the Denver-based four-piece is planning to put a capper on its career with a final farewell show at 3 Kings Tavern this November.

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Parting thoughts: Angie Stevens reflects on nearly two decades of making music

After nearly two decades of making and playing music in Denver, Angie Stevens has decided to step away from performing indefinitely. Giving her the send off she deserves, the Trusted Ear sat down for a chat in advance of her farewell performance. 

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Listen to Zach Heckendorf's new song "Harvest"

If you missed seeing Zach Heckendorf a few weeks ago, it might be a minute before you see him again. The talented songwriter just moved to New York City for school, but he recorded a bunch of new music to tide fans over until he returns. "The Harvest" is the first song from the bunch.

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