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Allout Helter working on new album with Trevor Reilly of A Wilhelm Scream

By Dave Herrera | Sept. 29, 2016 | 10:30 a.m.

Allout Helter is recording a new album with Trevor Reilly of A Wilhelm Scream. 

The as yet titled release is the follow-up to Sinking, We Regress, the Denver punk band’s 2013 full-length album. The sessions are taking place at Green Door Recordings, the studio owned by frontman Ross Swirling’s former Suburban Hostage bandmate Felipe Patino, which has also recorded new music from acts like King Rat, Filthy Hearts and Necropanther. 

According to Swirling (aka Ross Hostage), the outfit first approached Reilly about working together when he was in town with A Wilhelm Scream and then kept the conversation going.

"We get compared to them often, given that we play tech punk, so it seemed like a logical choice to go to the source," says Swirling with a laugh. "We knew that he'd started working on records at his studio back home, so we approached him to see what he thought about hanging with us in Colorado for a week.

"This is the first time we've had an outside producer and this is his first time producing a band in an outside studio," he adds. "So it's been a rad adventure all around so far."

Swirling and his bandmates are excited about the new songs. "We're definitely stoked on it," he says. "Not to be cliche, but it's definitely the most diverse and intricate batch of songs we've put together. Spent a lot of time writing and demoing to get to this point."

Allout Helter's new album is due out early next year on Jacksonville Beach, Florida's Bird Attack Records imprint. In the meantime, you can order copies of the band's last release, the Ruins EP, directly from Bird Attack, and catch the band on Monday, October 3, at the Marquis Theater with Such Gold, Finding Common Ground, Anterior and GUTS.