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Watch Gregory Alan Isakov's new video for "Stable Song"

Gregory Alan Isakov is due to appear this Sunday at Red Rocks (photo: Jamie Mefford)

Gregory Alan Isakov is due to appear this Sunday at Red Rocks (photo: Jamie Mefford)

Dave Herrera | Aug. 31, 2016 | 4:45 p.m.

Gregory Alan Isakov has a new video out today, and it's really well done.

If you haven't seen it yet, the clip is for the updated rendition of "Stable Song" that appeared on Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony, his recent collaborative album with the orchestra (the tune originally appeared on Isakov's self-released 2007 platter That Sea, the Gambler). The video, which was directed and edited by Isakov's bassist John Grigsby, serves as an ideal companion to the rustic troubadour's understated sound.
Composed of vintage black and white footage, the six and a half minute video doesn't merely employ the older imagery to conjure a certain aesthetic—although that effect is most definitely achieved, the results of which match both the visual presentation of his website and the cover art of The Weatherman, his previous album from 2013—but rather, you can tell that Grigsby put a lot of thought into the finished piece.

With some deft editing, he sews the images together in such a way that offer subtle complementary flourishes; if you're not watching closely, you're likely to miss them entirely.

Around the 1:40 mark, for instance, an overlay of a hand plucking a banjo is projected in time with the apropos instrumentation, which then gives way to sequence of a conductor leading an orchestra, right as the strings gently play.

And that's not the only thoughtful touch. A few frames later, the video seamlessly segues into a shot of Isakov singing and strumming his guitar, and the footage is filtered in such a way that the shots appear completely congruous with the older imagery. Again, very well done overall.

Isakov, a longtime local favorite, is due at Red Rocks Amphitheatre this Sunday, September 4, with Ani DiFranco and the Shook Twins. Tickets are on sale now at AXS.com.