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Danielle Ate the Sandwich meets Kickstarter goal in less than a day

Record label? Who needs a record label? Not Danielle Ate the Sandwich. That's for sure. She's doing just fine on her own. 

In fact, she's proof that not only is being an independent artist still a very viable option, but that you don't need to have a legion of fans to succeed. 

In case you missed it, earlier this week, Ms. Sandwich (aka Danielle Anderson) launched a Kickstarter campaign with a humble goal of raising $6,000 to help fund her album. That was in the morning. By dinner, she reached that threshold, and since, she's raised a total of $7,844 with the help of just 132 backers.

Since first emerging around 2009, Ft. Collins-based artist has built up a devoted fan base with her stirring songs, distinctive voice and personality. When she's not posting quirky covers on YouTube (don't miss her version of "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates), she's playing shows all over her home state or crisscrossing the country performing.

The money she raised will go towards pressing her latest album, The Terrible Dinner Guest, which in Norfolk, Virgina, at TAPTAP REcordings and Clay Garden Studios with Jackie Paolella and Skye Zentz. Recorded this past spring, the record, her sixth release, is due out next month and features support from Paolella and Zentz, along with bassist Ian Randall Thornton, drummer John DiGiorgio, guitarist Zach Jones and someone named Mothy on trumpet.

Here's what Ms. Sandwich had to say about the new album:

This album was a step forward artistically and professionally. I tried to say yes and be open to a lot of things that I believed would make the album great, even if it cost more money. I also wanted the hardworking musicians and producers to be paid what they deserved. The budget I had in mind changed as the project evolved, but I was able to pay for most of the studio time with my own savings (and a loan from my mom-Thanks, mom!) Now, I’m raising funds via Kickstarter to pay for the final steps of the recording process in order to release the album by September 2016!

My Kickstarter goal is lower than what it cost to make the Terrible Dinner Guest. I want to feel good about your generous pledges, rather then set a higher goal and stress about making back the entire cost of the project. I am very grateful for anything you can give to me and my music. If it’s enough to make this Kickstarter goal and pay for the remaining costs, or if we go above and beyond to fund the whole record, it’s a true honor to have your support!