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Listen to a track from the new Khemmis album, due out in October

By Dave Herrera | Aug. 17, 2016 | 5:55 a.m.

According to a piece put out by Noisey this past June, Denver is the 20th most metal city in the country, with 341 metal bands, and Colorado Springs is listed even lower than that at number 59, with 149 bands.

As long as there's bands like Khemmis, we'll always question that accounting.

Rankings like this normally don't wrankle us enough to even mention it. We've had to produce these sort of pieces over the years, and they've always seemed so arbitrary and subjective.

This one, however, has been stuck in our craw since we first saw it posted earlier this summer. Mind you, it hasn't been top of mind, but it has registered over the past few days, particularly after reading about impending records from Havok and Allegaeon and listening to the kickass new song from Khemmis, from its forthcoming record, Hunted, due out in October on 20 Buck Spin.


It sounds absolutely amazing -- not surprising since the band kicks major ass and Dave Otero recorded the record.

Noisey's ranking -- and granted, this is acknowledged in the piece -- is based solely on the sheer number of bands. The accounting didn’t take account for the quality of acts that hail from the Centennial State. In that regard, Colorado has the highest concentration of heady metal bands anywhere, in our opinion.

But not only has Colorado has produced a staggering number of amazing bands, including bands like Khemmis, Havok, Allegaeon, Cephalic Carnage, Cobalt, Vimana, Vale of Pnath, Primative Man, Call of the Void, Axeslasher, and Nightbringer, just to name a few, but Otero, is one of the most respected metal producers in the world, and he's based here (the Cobalt record he recorded cracked Stereogum's top 20 list of the year's best releases so far.)

Not to mention, Denver is such a metal town, that it's got not one, but two metal friendly breweries, TRVE and Black Sky Brewery, and hosts Denver Black Sky, one of the sweetest metal events in the country.

So, yeah, lists be damned, Colorado has one of the best metal scenes in the country, if you ask us.

Listen to this track from the new Khemmis record and tell us otherwise.