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Jux County Issues first album of New Music in 15 years


Jux County is getting ready to release its first album of new music in fifteen years.

As you can see from the photo below, Jux County is a band that we've loved almost as long as we've loved Denver music. Andy Monley, a veteran of the scene even back then, formed the band in 1986, and that cassette, Word of Bovek, released in 1989, is the band's recorded debut.

Cherished pieces of Denver music history purchased at Wax Trax sometime in our youth.

Cherished pieces of Denver music history purchased at Wax Trax sometime in our youth.

The version of the group that recorded that album featured Monley on guitar and vocals, with drummer Mallette Maloney, guitarist Michael Serviolo and bassist Larry Denning rounding out the roster. Bassist Chris Pearson and drummer Ron Smith signed on to play with Jux County in 1992, around the time that Monley came back to Denver from the Bay Area, where he had moved with the band, and they've been with the band ever since.

The storied act -- which once shared the stage with Nirvana on its first trek through Denver and holds the distinction of being the inaugural band at the Lion's Lair and one of the first groups at the Bluebird Theater -- is one of absolute favorites from that era, along with Pil Bug, the Fluid, 40th Day and Twice Wilted.

After a terrific tenure in the Czars (another beloved Denver band that featured Pearson and Monley as members), Jux County has reconvened a couple times over the years, including, most recently, a couple summers ago, each performance accompanied by a promise of new music being made at some point.

Needless to say, it gives us unspeakable joy to report that the the members of Jux County are back with new songs. Ten of them. The new album is done. In fact, it just finished being mastered right now. There are a dozen songs, two of which are Pretenders covers. Yeah, it's swell.

The title of the new platter is Coral, and it's due out next month. We heard an advance copy, and it sounds just terrific. The songwriting is dependably solid, and somehow the recordings manage to sound both raw and crisp. Recorded by Colin Bricker, who also plays guitar on the record, the new album has great presence. In addition to Bricker, Julie Monley, Andy's sister, sings on the record, and there's a cameo from Adrian Romero (of Adrian Romero and Love Supreme).

You can hear the record on Jux County's bandcamp page on Tuesday, September 20, and the release show is Friday, September 23, at Syntax Physic Opera. Soft Skulls, an all-star group featuring Jim McTurnan of Cat-A-Tac, Tyler Campo of Cowboy Curse and Madison and Robin Lucas of Mr. Majestyk's 8-Track Revival and Fever Dream, is slated to share the bill.