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Lost Walks Is a New Denver Band Worth Keeping An Eye On

Art by Liz Holland, one of the artists who will be created pieces at the show.

Art by Liz Holland, one of the artists who will be created pieces at the show.

By Dave Herrera | Oct. 7, 2016 | 7 a.m.

We've caught wind of a new Denver band that sounds like it's worth keeping a keen eye on.

The outfit is called Lost Walks, and it's slated to make its debut at Syntax Physic Opera on Friday, November 11. Based solely on the quality of music the members of this group have produced collectively over the years, this is an act that's worthy of attention.

Formed by Andy Thomas of Tin Horn Prayer and the Knew with his Andy Thomas' Dust Heart bandmate Jen GaNun and Dameon Merkl of Bad Luck City, Lost Walks originally began as a trio. It became a septet with the addition of some seasoned veterans of the scene, violinist Kelly O’Dea of Bad Luck City and Tarantella, guitarist Trent Nelson of Strange Americans, bassist David Thomas Bailey of FaceMan, and drummer Chad Johnson, who has kept time with an array of Denver bands over the years, including Garden Weasels, Tequila Mockingbird, Funkiphino, Tarantella, Polytoxic and Slim Cessna's Auto Club. 

According to Thomas, a songwriter with a knack for storytelling, the album — captured at the Johnson's 25 BPM studio — is a concept record that was “inspired by a visit to Wolf Sanctuary Colorado,” he reveals. “More than a standard collection of songs, Wolf, Woman, Man tells the linear story of a couple that moves into a desolate mountain region and ultimately faces challenges from the elements, each other and a lone, injured wolf."

Proceeds from show next month at Syntax Physic Opera, which will also serve as the record release party, will be donated to Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. The debut performance will feature art from Liz Holland and photography from Alvino Salcedo. Thomas says he's also tapped a few of the folks from Incite Productions — the creative minds responsible for FaceMan's Megladon shark stage — to help bring Lost Walks' songs to life.

"They're building the set and in control of all the visuals," says Thomas, explaining the combined efforts of Katie Webster and Justin Hicks. "They are wrapping Syntax in white paper to create the 'snowy landscape' we sing about in the song, and are also creating large 'stations,' like in a Catholic church, using Alvino's photography and Liz's paintings."